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The hope of a child singing

J has been singing more the past few weeks.  And drawing (that's her work above).  It's the small things that I realised had disappeared from her life during the six months of nothingness.  Her six months on the lounge.  The singing and creativity had been replaced by DVD box sets.  Theme tunes that I never, ever want to hear again, yet at the same time brought so much joy to her in the midst of unrelenting exhaustion.

I've been exhausted this past month.  Thus the silence.  Part of the month has been having the flu, recovering from the flu.  I realised that I'm just mentally weary.  I've been keeping myself busy this past three months to get away from the consuming anxiety of a sick child.  Really busy.  I'm working hard at my job.  Lots of preparation at home.  But distractions only sustain for so long.

J has been tracking a lot better.  I can feel the real hope of recovery in small changes.  She's been going to a fatigue clinic for fortnightly appoint…