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Taking the grump out of Christmas

As November started this year I felt a familiar sense of impending doom.  I find November very busy with all the 'we need to do it in November because December is too busy' events and then as we get into December we have all the end of year concerts, speech nights, carols, presents, shopping, cooking... I feel tired writing it down.

I had a little whinge on Facebook about my disgruntlement (as one does) and someone helpfully suggested that I give Tim Chester's new book of readings for Advent a go.  Normally the 'bah humbug' in me would just go 'Nup, there is nothing that will shift MY grumps'.

But then I thought about it for a bit.  What is it that makes me grumpy?  It's partly the busyness and the tiredness.  But it's partly that I want to enjoy Christmas.  I want to enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I want to reflect on what this means to me as a Christian.  But the busyness and the tiredness get in the way.  So what's the answer?  Well…