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How computers will change the world (if the electricity stays on)

Just finished doing a lot of reading on the so-called 'digital divide' for uni.  Pages and pages on how access to the internet has the potential to transform people's lives.  And how we need to break down the barriers that are preventing people getting involved.
But two weeks ago my parents (who live in India) had no electricity for four days.  So no computers, no mobile phones, no internet, email etc.  
The whole time I've been doing this assignment I've been thinking "But what about the millions of people who have no electricity or can't afford to pay for electricity, how is giving them a computer going to help?"  
Oh well, at least the academics are still getting published. 

Boys and their mums

I've been reading a book called "He'll be OK: Growing gorgeous boys into good men" by Celia Lashlie (2005), which is all about teenage boys.  It has been recommended to me many times over the years and it has been very thought provoking.  Written by a woman who worked in the New Zealand prison system as a prison guard for 15 years, she asks the question 'Why do teenage boys end up engaging in the extreme behaviours that lead them to committing crimes?. Her writing comes from her experiences speaking to 1000's of boys and their parents through visits to boys' high schools.

Lots of what she is said is very insightful in terms of understanding the fragility of boys and how their brains work.  A few things have stood out to me.
1. Boys don't always want to talk through everything.  For example last week our No 1 child had a problem at school and was chatting to Rowan about it.  After a while he said "you know what, I don't really want to talk abo…

Your Time Starts Now...

Just for fun  - a little get-to-know-you game!

My earliest memory is ... drinking water out of the dog bowl at my Grandma's house - yuck! My school report usually said... "Jenny tries really hard at sport, but needs to keep practicing and concentrating on improving her skills"   My guiltiest pleasure is...getting into my bed with a book, a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate My happiest moment was...finding out I was pregnant with my babies If I could live anywhere, I'd choose...somewhere in the country My last meal would be...very hot, buttered peanut butter toast - and a chocolate milkshake! When I was a child I wanted to...hide everytime an adult other than my parents spoke to me. It's not fashionable, but I vacuum cleaner - it transforms my house from a choking hazard nightmare to something bearable! My worst trait is...saying silly things My best trait is... is saying enough silly things so that everyone else feels better about themselves! If only I could...b…