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As usual, when I have a lot of uni work to do, a whole lot of other things happen.  Like blogging and book reading.  Unfortunately I don't seem to use housework as a method of procrastinating!

Anyway, last week I had a quick read through the book "Treasuring God in our Traditions" by Noel Piper.  I wasn't actually that keen on it, mainly because the title sounded a bit smultchy.  But once I got past being intimidated by the super Christian family and the amazing poetry written by John Piper for his children's birthdays, I enjoyed the philosophy behind it.

The book speaks about family traditions and the positive impact that has, helping children feel secure in their place in the world.  It also gives some creative ideas for celebrating Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving (for those from the States).

I liked the emphasis on how it's the everyday, small things that you repeat daily that will have a huge impact.  So these traditions don't need to be grand af…

Children away!

Our kids were away for two nights during the school holidays (courtesy of a camp and generous in-laws).

First thing I did was sweep the kitchen floor just so I could enjoy two days without stepping on anything crunchy. It's the small things that count.

It was very restful but a bit too quiet (am I really saying that?!)

What it made me realise was:

My kids create a lot of mess, require a lot of feeding and make a lot of noise - so it's OK for me to feel tired at the end of each day.What exactly was I doing with all that extra time before I had kids? I don't even remember anymore!

A girl and her glasses

I write this story down mainly for my own gain but perhaps you will be encouraged by it too.

Last weekend I was having a melt-down about our families' finances.  Or what I felt was a lack of finances!  This happens to me semi-regularly.  How are we going to survive?  What if we have to move?  What if no-one will rent a house to us?  All these questions fly through my mind and overwhelm me.

As a Christian, I live my life believing that God has promised to look after me.  Matthew 6: 25-34 is a wonderful series of promises.   So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' ... your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 

I truly believe that - He hasn't let me down in 37 years.  And in the past, we've been more financially challenged than we are now.

Yet, I still get worried.  And on that  Sunday afternoon my nine year old daughter lost her glasses swimming at the beach.  I thought "Why has God a…

10 things I should probably really care about if I was a proper mother...*

1.  Sometimes preschool isn't very stimulating or educational

2.  My 7 year old hasn't read a home reader aloud to me all year (but gets lots of practice with her baby sister - that counts doesn't it?!)

3.  My 5 1/2 year old who starts school next year has a dodgy pencil grip

4.  My 11 year old can't tie his shoelaces (I think - I haven't asked recently).

5.  My kids don't eat from the fruit platter at playgroup

6.  My son takes fairy bread sandwiches to preschool for lunch

7.  Mummy doesn't have special days where the kids get alone time with Mummy.   Mummy just really, really needs to be ALONE ...

8.  Sometimes my kids get bored - VERY bored and ... I don't provide activities for them.

9. My 5 1/2 year old still wears night nappies - we are very lazy and tired and don't want to get up at night anymore than necessary to sort it out.

And ... drum roll ... (worst is last)

10.  My kids don't make their beds

* Source: 11 years of conversations at …

Julie and Julia

I went to see 'Julie and Julia' at the movies tonight. I liked it lots. I enjoyed the cooking, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci and the blogging (so now I'm blogging about it to you!). I won't spoil it for you but it had nice characters and it was fun.
Although finding somewhere to have dinner afterwards was a bit of a come-down after watching an hour and a half of amazing, rich, decadent French cooking!

Mums fail again!

Last week new guidelines recommended that children under the age of 2 should not watch television for more than an hour a day As always most societal problems can be traced back to us hopeless mothers!
I have to admit publicly, that, yes, my kids do and have, watched TV. Quite a lot sometimes. Do I have to tell them to turn it off? Absolutely! Do I have to monitor what they watch? Of course! Can they read? Yes.

I thought I'd share this response to this whole TV issue from Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald with you.
"There are so many things I miss about the younger years of my family, but one thing I am delighted to have left behind is the constant criticism in the media aimed at mothers. The endless arguments about breastfeeding, circumcision, crying it out, thumb-sucking, disposable nappies, television, schooling, organicbloodyfood and so on. The minute you have a baby it seems that…

Kids and housework

How on earth do you get your kids to do housework?
I've seen those TV shows with those big families who run on a regimented program of chores and endless, compliant contributions to the wider good of the family.
Well, that just so isn't my family!
I gave each of my kids a segment of the house to clean up this afternoon. It was going to take all of about 10 minutes to complete the job. It wasn't difficult but you'd think I'd asked them to repaint the entire interior of the house the way they carried on. Arrgh - two very frustrated parents.
We already have such a complex 'incentive' program (music practice, walking home from school without screaming at mother/each other, getting dressed) that the idea of creating a new system for chores makes my head spin.
Sometimes it feels easier to do it myself because it takes less emotional energy. But I know that isn't actually helping the kids develop those household skills.
But my poor brain - it can't fit m…

What I have learnt in the school holidays...

I got to the end of the school term wondering if perhaps I was going a bit mad.
However, come the first week of school holidays, I realised that I'm not depressed or anxious. I just get super tired when school is on. My brain has to retain a mountain of information to get through each day. I also often have to coerce small people to move back and forth from daily activities each day who don't get the concept of "please move, we can't be late for ______".
I noticed that when the holidays came and all I had to do was get the washing done and make food appear at appropriate moments, I felt I could manage.
It is good for me to recognise this. I hope it will help me cope during school terms when I feel swamped, knowing that I will feel better down the track. It will also stop me from agreeing to take on extra things when it is school holidays. Obviously I forget very quickly how crazy life is when the school term is on. If you want to catch me out get me in the…

Why history matters

I'm not feeling that proud to be an Australian today.
Last week an entertainment show on TV which was popular in the 80's had a 20 year reunion show and featured amateur acts that had won prizes 20 years ago. One of the acts featured a spoof of the Jackson 5 and had men dressed up as blackfaces. Harry Connick Jr was one of the judges. You can see the segment on Youtube.
When the act was 'gonged' off the studio audience booed. I thought 'oh, that's a pretty stupid bunch of people, aren't they horrified by this?'. Well, no. Apparently they represent many Australians. In 'The Australian' newspaper yesterday a poll showed that 81% of viewers thought there was no problem. I followed a blog discussion on this issue and lots of people commented that they couldn't see a problem with it. Australians just like to 'poke fun' ... it's the Australian sense of humour ...
WOW! I am shocked. I seriously cannot believe that Australians a…