What I have learnt in the school holidays...

I got to the end of the school term wondering if perhaps I was going a bit mad.

However, come the first week of school holidays, I realised that I'm not depressed or anxious. I just get super tired when school is on. My brain has to retain a mountain of information to get through each day. I also often have to coerce small people to move back and forth from daily activities each day who don't get the concept of "please move, we can't be late for ______".

I noticed that when the holidays came and all I had to do was get the washing done and make food appear at appropriate moments, I felt I could manage.

It is good for me to recognise this. I hope it will help me cope during school terms when I feel swamped, knowing that I will feel better down the track. It will also stop me from agreeing to take on extra things when it is school holidays. Obviously I forget very quickly how crazy life is when the school term is on. If you want to catch me out get me in the third week of January when I've had a month off school!

It is also part of that whole issue of realising my limitations (so disappointing). I've written about this before. But it is an ongoing learning process.


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