Confessions of an earl grey addict

I have to confess in this public forum that I'm addicted to earl grey tea.

I used to like the expensive stuff (Twinings) but because I drink so much of it, over the years I've had to buy the home brand version because I couldn't afford to sustain my habit.

On Monday mornings I'd go to playgroup and have a cup of tea.  But one wasn't enough.  I'd have to go back for another.

I'd visit a friend and enjoy the first cuppa.  But start to wonder if it too rude to ask for another, an hour into our visit.

I don't have milk or sugar with it.  That just wrecks the purity of the experience.  I would branch out sometimes and enjoy Lady Grey or French Earl Grey for a treat.  But for everyday purposes my friend was the 'Earl'.

But two weeks ago I went cold turkey.  I just decided that it was time to break the habit.  I have entered the world of herbal teas with all its strange flavours.  Peppermint (toothpaste dissolved in hot water).  Camomile (wee in hot water).  Lemon (lemon in hot water).  Green tea (green food colouring in hot water).  I've persisted but they just aren't cutting it.  Do those of you who drink herbal tea actually enjoy it or are you just being sociable?

I have survived the past two weeks and am coping without my real tea.  But I don't think herbal is going to cut it as a substitute.  What am I going to do?

PS  Can't stand coffee.  Strange - I know.  And I'm a uni student.


Kath said…
Enda Kenny has a song about Earl Grey tea. Unfortunately it gives Earl Grey a bad rap. Your description of chamomile reminded me of it because he says the same thing about Earl Grey. Let me know and I can email you or post it on my blog.
Catriona said…
I am a non coffee drinker too, and totally agree with you about herbal teas. Hae recently started a new weekly addiction to chai lattes...hmmm
Jo said…
Herbal Teas never taste as good as they smell.

Why do you need to give up the Earl Grey? As far as vices go, it's pretty tame.
Meredith said…
I'm with Jo.

As a fellow tea drinker, "Let them drink Earl Grey!" And the best money can afford at that!

Btw, the only herbal tea I can tolerate is peppermint tea and only default to it IF I have had too many cups of real tea and think the caffeine count is getting a bit high for the day!
Jenny said…
I think I wanted to stop because I was just drinking it all the time - could I survive without it? I think I will now compromise and try and drink less each day. Which may mean I can buy the nice tea if I drink less of it!

Plus every cup of tea made me feel like I needed to have chocolate with it.

You're right Jo - it's not much of a vice is it?!
JMS said…
One of my sisters drinks hot water. She started this to assist in keeping "hunger" at bay while attempting to change her snacking habits. It worked successfully for her and she lost about 10kgs. She actually found drinking hot water made her fell fuller than drinking cold or room temp water.

I also know many people who drink hot water as they are neither coffee or tea drinkers yet felt anti social if they did not partake of a hot drink....peer pressure perhaps?

Wendy said…
I was going to say the same as Julie - I drink the proper Twinings during the day (although I am an English Breakfast girl - can't stand Earl Grey!). But in the evenings- I drink hot water. Not for health or weight loss reasons - but just because I love it (& I don't want caffeine at night). People tell me it's the asian influence of my husband (and I did get the idea from his grandmother!). People still look at me a little oddly when I request hot water to drink (especially waiters!), but it's my drink of choice at night. Although, I have say - I still have the chocolate with the hot water! Doesn't help with the snacking for me!
Megan said…
Live it up Jen- drink drink and be merry for tea is still a pretty tame addictive- and it's not like you spend a lot of money on 'luxury' items.
though you're right, its always good to reflect on what we do and what we need.
Pip said…
I just gave away the last few Earl grey tea bags that I bought when you were here!! Can't stand it! I do have one cup of Twinnings in the daytime (Irish breakfast or Traditional afternoon tea)then it's onto the green tea if I need another cup. Madura is nicest brand of green tea. Forget the herbal tea, (except ginger when pregnant) it tastes horrible. I did drink herbal for a bit (rosehip?) and went through a hot water stage, but green tea is the winner over all of them! Oh and I am a big fan of Milo and hot chocolate (legacy of breastfeeding days)...there is my vice!
If you gave yourself a limit one or two cups a day of real tea then they would be something you could look forward too and really enjoy!
Motherhugger said…
Life's too short to not drink the tea you like - and I need someone to drink tea with! I need to know what to give you as a gift. Never be shy about asking for more tea at my place. It isn't even a vice - it is good for you!

Viva le Earl Grey! French Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Girly Grey - all good.

I know - browse the T2 site, or go the shop - you'll soon come back...
Motherhugger said…
And a few squares of chocolate won't hurt you either. It isn't like you're smoking crack or taking valium!
Teamatica said…
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