Fitting In

Coming back to Australia when I was almost 15, for many years I felt like I didn't really fit in (I probably still feel that a little - see my previous post ).  I felt that I didn't quite 'get' all the social nuances of relationships.  I was unsure of how I fitted into this new world. This is a very, very common experience for MK's.

But you know what I've learnt?  That this is not just an experience for MKs.  This is an experience of human beings.  Talking to my friends who have always lived in Australia, there are still things that make them feel like they don't quite fit in.

Perhaps it was not being cool enough at high school. Perhaps it was feeling not as clever as other friends.  Perhaps it seems that everyone else at church is really connected and they don't feel connected.  Perhaps all the other mums at school are involved in a busy social life and they aren't.  Perhaps it is thinking differently about something that everyone else seems to agree on.  Perhaps other people are always saying how busy they are but they just feel lonely and bored.

There's often something that makes us feel insecure about our place in the world.  When I worked out that this is actually a human experience I felt liberated.  I think being a MK is a very intense experience of that common human condition but ultimately it's not especially unique.

I've also come to understand that we're not really meant to feel too comfortable in this world.  This isn't our eternal home.  This isn't the end point.  So it's not really ever going to feel like a good fit.

'We have a building from God ... an eternal house in heaven' 
(2 Corinthians 5:1)

PS When I was 14 I obviously thought this attractive outfit would help me fit in!  This is me in India just before coming back to Australia.


Rodney Olsen said…
I hope you don't mind but I've posted the lyrics to a song by Joe Jackson below. I love this song because it talks about the things you wrote about in this post. That 'awkward age' of not quite fitting in never really seems to end for many of us.

Joe Jackson - Awkward Age

I should have know that you were only just fifteen
You had a scowl like a Klingon beauty queen
Old enough to stand out but to young to stand with pride
So uncomfortable in your messed-up skin
And the cool parties never let you in
I can still relate to being so high and dry
Don't cry...
You're just at an awkward age
We'll all be fine
Disgraceful under pressure
Don't toe the line
You're just at an awkward age
Don't cry- just an awkward age
Don't cry
You're just at an awkward...
You look at me like I know what's going on
I'm looking back and I wonder what went wrong
I really thought by now a few things might clarify
I got a mind that goes out to lunch for days
And a body that sometimes disobeys
I get into the parties but I hate them 'cos I'm shy
Oh my...
I'm still at an awkward age
We'll all be fine
Disgraceful under pressure
Don't toe the line
You're just at an awkward age
Don't cry- just an awkward age
Don't cry
You're just at an awkward...
We're supposed to be happy
Supposed to be tough
Supposed to be flawless
And buy the right stuff
They want us all swimming
Don't care if we drown
Do don't let 'em take you down
It's a scary mountain to climb up without a guide
We live in an awkward age
Meredith said…
But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Philippians 3:19-21
Sarah said…
Thanks for that. It's what I keep reminding myself when I feel isolated or like I just don't fit in....we're citizens of the new creation.
achan said…
I needed to hear that today, thankyou
Jo said…
Just like the Colin song, "Passing through, passing through, on the way to heaven..."
Anna said…
I had a very similar shirt when I was 14- only it was red and black. Maybe we should have been friends then?

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