Marshmallow Joy

In the second part of my series on 'Material Things that Bring me Joy' (joke:  this is not actually a series), I'd like to explain why I am up so close and personal with a packet of marshmallows.

Had my braces adjusted yesterday and for about a week afterwards it always feels like someone has pummelled the inside of my mouth (which in fact, my orthodontist has).  And marshmallows are my friend and comfort through this week.  Carrots, apples and small children sitting up suddenly while on my lap and banging my chin, are the enemy.


Deb L said…
My husband (genius that he is) discovered one summer that frozen marshmallows are fantastic. Throw a packet in the freezer and come back to them the next day. You'll never look back. He went through a "anything is better if it's frozen" phase leftover from when he was a kid and he and his brothers used to eat frozen grapes. Can't say any of his other frozen experiments have lasted but I stand by his marshmallow discovery. On a hot summer's afternoon, they are bliss.
Anonymous said…
Marshmallows are brilliant no matter how or why you're eating them. I really must try them frozen.

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