New Year reflections

Happy New Year bloggy friends!  Hope you are full of the hope and promise of a new year.  I'm always full of grand ideas during January - and then school goes back.  But it's nice to have the time to think about the year gone and consider the year ahead.

I'd like to slow down a little bit this year - I'm feeling more on the panicky end of the spectrum about 2011. Probably means I have to face up to the reality that I need to cut out a couple of commitments.  I can't just keep stuffing things in.  And I really don't like feeling like everyday of my life is too full.

On top of working in a new job (where I still feel that I've got no idea what I'm doing) and finishing off my uni course, I'm taking on a bigger involvement at playgroup, my eldest child is starting high school and we're adding another musical instrument to the craziness.  At least I won't have to do any Year 6 fundraising this year and my role on the preschool committee is up for grabs (in my mind anyway).  Oh, and I still have my youngest at home this year.

These are the times I wish I had a bottomless capacity.  But I don't, so it's usually stuff at home that starts to fall apart.

But, gee, I'm so glad that Christmas is over for another year.  Sounds terrible, I know, but I was so tired by Boxing Day.


Anonymous said…

I hope you're able to revisit this post from time to time during the year to remind yourself to slow down when the pace starts picking up again.
Meredith said…
Happy new year to you Jenny. Sounds like a big year ahead. Might need to get yourself some beroccas!! :-) But it all sounds great. Go well.

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