Tis the season to be thankful

I'm a pessimist.  This is no surprise to anyone.  So I'm actively working to remind myself of all the great things about this season with my kids.

1. No prams
2. No nappies
3. No cots
4. No toilet training
5. No high chairs
6. No day sleeps
7. Less crying (from me and the kids)
8. Interesting conversations (with kids and often other people too)
9. Sleep-ins
10. Most can read (related to no. 9)
11. Toilet paper stays in the toilet paper holder
12.  Can leave TV remote on the coffee table and it won't get trashed/lost/put in the bin/have its batteries removed
13. Can often go to the toilet on my own
14.  Can usually hear the person on the other end of the telephone
15.  Kids (and myself) can last for five seconds without eating

I'm sure there are more.  But these are the particularly glorious ones.  Bliss.


Tasmanian said…
Yep. That's the OPPOSITE of my life with three pre-schoolers. But nice to look forward to.
Aileen said…
can get their own breakfast (related to no. 9)
Meredith said…
And I thought of one today. You can put your shopping away straight after coming home from the shops. So nice to get the icecream straight into the freezer!
Pip said…
I'm celebrating most of those with you but the one I am looking forward to at the moment is when they can all get themselves dressed/undressed independently.

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