YA book review: The Maze Runner

If you liked 'The Hunger Games' you might like this dystopian book.  'The Maze Runner' by James Dashner (2009), opens with Thomas waking up in an elevator knowing nothing except his first name.  He finds himself in an open area called 'The Glade' with about 60 teenage boys.  The Glade is surrounded by high walls that close each night at dusk to protect them from the deadly half animal/half machine Grievers that come out each night.  During the day the walls open and a special group of boys, Runners, leave the Glade to try and solve the maze that surrounds the glade.  None of the boys know why they are there and remember nothing of their past.

This is a fast paced book but I have to say not the most well written book.  The premise of the book kept me reading to the end.  It is quite violent and the boys have their own language which is essentially modified swearing.  I do think this book will appeal much more to boys than girls - since there are basically no girls in it.  I'd say 13 + for these books.

Number 2 in the series

There are two other books in the series.  I started 'The Scorch Trials', No. 2 in the series, but I couldn't push through.  There is a limit to how much YA fiction I can stomach!

PS I've reviewed some other YA fiction here, including some other dystopian books that might be of interest including the 'Juno' series by Fleur Beale and the 'Uglies' series by Scott Westerfield.  I also reviewed the 'City of Ember' series here,  a good alternative to offer upper primary kids who are desperate for 'The Hunger Games'.


Jenny K said…
Being the mum of an avid reader in the YA fiction genre I read a lot of the same books (PS thanks for more recommendations!) We recently read a book called Starters by Lissa Price which he really enjoyed (it leaves you hanging with the sequel still to be released!) Intriguing storyline. The other book he read recently and really enjoyed (I didn't finish it before he passed it on to a friend). Thanks for your reviews. I agree that there is a limit to the YA fiction that can be consumed!
Jenny said…
Hey Jenny - thanks for the recommendation. I have actually told a student about that book 'Starters' because it looked good but haven't got around to reading it myself yet.
Jenny K said…
Haha! Just realised I didn't tell you the name of the other book he read. The Book is called "The Knife of Never Letting Go". It appealed to his quirky sense of humour. He's just started the sequel.

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