A writing space

Not mine
During the school holidays I read a little book by one of my favourite authors Elizabeth Berg.  Called, 'Escaping into the open:  the art of writing true', this book is partly autobiographical (about how she became a writer) and partly an instruction manual (tips/exercise to help improve your writing).  It was quite interesting and one day I might do some of her exercises.  It's always easier to read than to actually DO anything!

One of her tips was that you need to create a writing space for yourself.  A space that is unique and conducive to creative thinking and writing.  At this point I did have a little laugh.

I don't have a study or a desk or a space of my own of any kind.  When I was studying I'd get everything out and pack it up for dinner - same with sewing.  And our computer is in the middle of the kitchen (deliberately).

In the school holidays I'd occasionally discover that the computer was free (they must have been either eating or fighting).  After 5 minutes of using my so-called 'writing space' (perhaps trying to create some masterful blog piece *she chuckles quietly to herself*), I'd get little whispers from a passing parade of offspring.  'How long will you be Mum?'.  'You do know it is  MY turn next on the computer don't you?'.  'Are you still going on it Mum?' (6 minutes having passed by).

'Writing space' - what a delightful concept...


Kath said…
"Mum, can I play minecraft now?" is what I usually hear.

Sometimes I struggle to find thinking space, let alone writing space.
Anonymous said…
I recently bought a cheap IKEA desk and put it in the bedroom. Romantic? No. Practical? Yes.

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