My year of less is more: baby steps

Not everything much I write on this blog is very exciting and today is going to be one of those days.  Since this is my YEAR of less is more, it's a long road ahead as I think through de-cluttering life.

One of the hard things about this process is that when you read the book, get all excited, manage to pull off one big job like the books, you then lie there in bed at night boring your husband to death with statements like:  'Yes, I need to work through that hallway cupboard' (big job) and 'And that cupboard in the kid's room with all my craft stuff ' (scary, scary job) and 'Yes, there's that cupboard of random sporting stuff - and that old broom that I never use - in the laundry' (mind numbingly boring job).  It's all very clear what needs to happen, but when the choice is 'Do something about that cupboard' or 'Anything else' it appears that even housework is winning.

This week I'm putting the principle of starting with baby steps into action. I woke up today and thought 'What can I face dealing with this week?'.  So here are this week's goals (and they're pretty uninspiring but achievable).

There's that pile of unsorted music on top of the piano that I walk past five billion times a day.

What's left needs to go here (and if it doesn't fit, I think I'll be going through all these boxes, since I'm not allowed to buy any more containers.  Need to stick to my own rules after all …)

There's my jewellery which I often cull anyway - but looking at it through my de-cluttering eyes I think I can reduce this more so I can find the 5 pairs of earrings that I actually wear at the moment without a ten minute battle with the pile each morning.

And my present box.  There are decades of accumulated bits of things in this box - stuff I intended to use for presents but would never wish upon my worst enemy now (eg. out of fashion baby booties).  Feels like the wrong thing to do, but it has to be done.

Keep me posted on any of your own de-cluttering efforts however large or small.  It's fun to share this experience with my online community!


Emily said…
Fine FM radio are coming to collect the books and CDS that didn't make my cut this week. On Saturday I gave away unused kitchen items to a friend moving out of home. I found a recipient for all the lovely beads I bought and never made jewellery with (Hope Street Women's space). Two more bath towels were placed in the donation pile (is 8 towels still too many for a sometimes-family-of-four-but-mostly-just-two-of-us?).
I fear our move to a house with such little internal storage will mean boxes of possessions will remain unpacked in the garage. Perhaps this will make future culls easier?
Jenny said…
Wow Emily! You're amazing! Very inspiring.
Unknown said…
I am loving reading about your journey. You have inspired me so much. I have thrown out and donated alot in the last two weeks. It is such a great feeling, and our house is more enjoyable to live in already. We have alot of books in our house (about 7 large ikea bookshelves full), but I haven't culled much at all- but I have decided we are not getting anymore bookshelves!).
We have never done alot of extra activites (because my kids wouldn't cope well with it, and being out alot after school stresses me out). However we are doing even less this year (one sport each, and one child does music), and I am feeling much less anxious/stressed/tired.
I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

Thank you for sharing.

Amellia Grosser
Jenny said…
Hey Amelia. I'm very impressed. Well done! I'm starting to feel that getting rid of stuff is a bit addictive! And so much easier to clean up.
Jen said…
This year (for the first time in over 10 years) I have 2 days at home with no children while my youngest are at kindy!!! so I am just about to go and cull the soft toys that seem to migrate around the house but never actually get played with much except as stand ins for balls in throwing games. I have also started selling some unused things on ebay too, and my lovely mum took six bags of clothes to donate and be recycled last week that have come from various wardrobes of the house - now the kids have no excuses for leaving their drawers open! It is great to read about simplifying and decluttering - very motivating... now must actually go and cull or I might get caught red handed!
Jenny said…
Good on you Jen. It feels good to make the most of a few quiet days and this next stage of life for you. Well done for actually getting rid of the stuff!

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