Advent Challenge Day 20

"For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ" John 1:17

If you've ever looked at the Old Testament laws that God gave the Israelites you really do wonder about how anyone was meant to not break any of them.  Keeping things up to God's standard was a full time job and even then you had to spend a lot of time sacrificing animals to make up for all the laws you didn't keep.

Often people wonder if this is the same God that we follow today.  He is.  He showed his standards and expectations through the law that he gave Moses.  He showed how unattainable it is to meet his standards.  

This verse in John reminds us of Jesus' role.  It was to bring grace and truth.  It was to make us acceptable before God despite our inability to ever match up to God's perfect standards.  In Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we are freed from the need to make endless sacrifices.  

Jesus brought grace and truth.  He brought freedom and rest.  


Suzanne Heath said…
Hi Jenny, You probably won't remember me but I met you and your daughters at church a few years ago. I remember ur daughters give face painting a go and wanted to ask if they wanted to do some face painting at the Lewisham Public school fete? We're asking 30 per cent of profits (or a $50 stall hire fee.) The girls can charge what they like for the face painting. I'm asking a few people so do let me know if you're keen. Cheers, Suzanne 0431 695 249

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