Hi - welcome to 'No Reading at The Breakfast Table'.  Get a cup of tea (Earl Grey of course) and have a read.

Back in 2009 I found myself making the announcement to my five children that there would be no more reading at the breakfast table.  I was sick of how long it was taking for everyone to get ready in the mornings.

But it felt sooo wrong - reading is so important to me and always has been.

I grew up in India and lived there until I was almost 15.  Reading filled many, many hours of my life.  I was a chronically shy child and we had no television, so reading was a wonderful escape for me.  And still is today.

This blog is just a mish mash of ideas.  About my Christian faith, my life with kids, the books I've read, being married to a minister, working as a librarian and whole lot of random stuff.

I think it's good to have a laugh at some of the crazy stuff that life throws at us - so whatever you do ... don't take my ramblings all too seriously!

PS I know that you might not want make a public comment but would sometimes like to drop me a line or ask a question, so feel free to email me jennykemp72@gmail.com


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