My year of Less is More

In 2014 I'm aiming to have a year where we try to slow down our routines, reduce the amount we buy and reduce our household possessions, to leave space for time for each other and those around us.

You can read all about my journey here:

Where it all started

Reducing possessions

Decluttering books (ruthlessly - eekkk!)

Start decluttering with some baby steps

Decluttering is NOT reorganising (and why visiting IKEA for new storage units is not the answer…)

10 Tips for getting your kids decluttering

Decluttering toys

Decluttering kids' clothing

The impact of a possession-lite childhood

How to be content with less space

Decluttering memorabilia

Keeping your stuff in 'zones' creates extra space

Lifestyle changes

The crazy schedule I'd like to leave behind

Taking the axe to our kid's extra curricular schedule

My new schedule a month on 

Cutting back on my paid employment

Aiming to live at 80% capacity instead of 100% which left no room for the unexpected.

10 Reasons why doing less feels strange 

Book Recommendations

'Clutterfree with Kids'.  A book recommendation.  It inspired me and helped me get my head in the right place to get started.


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