No reading at the breakfast table?

"No reading at the breakfast table - it's a new rule", I heard myself announce. Internally I was horrified - was this really me telling the kids to stop reading? Reading is a core business in the Kemp house. A great moment of parenting pride for 2008 was when Aidan won the school library award! We've loved seeing the older kids get the hang of reading for themselves. Even Abbie (2) was reading to the cat last week.

But nothing was happening except reading and VERY slow eating. So to get out of the house in the mornings a sacrifice had to be made. We all feel sad still (no reading the paper at the table for me anymore) but we have been getting a lot more done in the mornings!


JMS said…
Thats hysterical Jenny. We also have the ludicrous punishment where, if the kids are poorly behaved, they may miss "quiet reading time". This is usually 15 -30mins of reading prior to lights out. It is one of the greatest discipline threats of them all. Makes everyone suddenly start being helpful and a happy attitude.
Karen said…
I can't believe it! My stand-out memory from when Aidan was a toddler is him reading at the breakfast table, just as you and Rowan do.
How long do you think this rule will last, and will you and Rowan be able to stick to it yourselves? Maybe it could just be a rule for weekdays...
rd said…
We've had to do that rule too - funny though isn't it?!? Our little man wasn't eating at all when there was a book there.
ELF said…
Love that photo of Abbie and the cat :) Just remember, there is always the cereal box, the milk and even the margarine to read if you get really desperate ;) Great you have a blog now!

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