My Year Without Sex

I went to see the Australian film, 'My Year Without Sex' with a friend last week. Aside from not being able to tell our kids the title of the film it was fantastic!

This is a film about a real family. It is so delightfully refreshing. I loved the kids repeatedly scratching their hair through the film and a number of nit treatments being shown!

The mum suffers a brain aneurysm early on in the film and the film records her 12 month recovery.

There were lots of times when I just laughed and laughed. But the movie also shows the very real pressures of juggling the realities of marriage, family life, working life and paying the bills.

The main couple have a quietly healthy relationship. After she returns from hospital she asks her husband "who would you choose for your next wife if I had died?". And at the end of the movie he responds, "... for my next wife I would choose you". Lovely stuff.

Lots more I could say, but I'd recommend having a look.


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