Brain is having a rest

I feel I should write something down because I have a blog. But I haven't got anything to write! Is it because I've been away on holidays for two weeks and my brain has stopped firing?! Or am I lacking fuel to perpetuate my rants?

One of the aspects I enjoy about holidays is lots of time to just stop and chill and let my brain process 'life'. But no great pearls came through as a consequence. I did come home with my usual list of resolutions - I'm going to be more organised, achieve more each day, have more people over. But then one day back at home and I remembered. My goal each day is to SURVIVE! Anything else is a bonus.

I did really enjoy hanging out with my family. It's so lovely to (finally) get to a stage where holidays are not entirely about hanging out for the kids to go to bed. We even played some board games together.


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