Top 10 Skills I've developed as a mum

Last week I was facing a crisis of confidence wondering if I was actually employable anymore. To make myself feel better I started to ponder all the different skills I HAD actually refined over the past decade.

So (with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek) here are Top 10 Skills I can add to my resume:

#1 Washing up plastic containers really fast

#2 Making cheese toasties really fast

#3 Making the house look presentable - really fast (a theme is emerging)

#4 Negotiating with terrorists (2 year olds are a speciality)

#5 Conflict management

#6 Smiling reassuringly at other adults when child is screaming for tic-tacs/caffeinated drinks/chapsticks/chewing gum whilst stuck in very slow supermarket checkout queue

#7 Creating complex incentive programs for music practice/getting dressed/toileting etc.

#8 Pretending that the bizarre outfit my child is wearing is all part of me allowing them to be 'creative' and 'free' (whereas in reality I was just desperate to leave the house)

#9 Sneaking out craft masterpieces to the recycling bin under the cover of darkness

#10 Precision accounting:
SCENARIO: Friday, 8.56am, finding exactly $4.57, $3.42 and $8.71, signing notes, all in separate envelopes, for various school events.


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