Outsourcing babies

Taken this week, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's twins (born in June via a surrogate) were photographed for the first time, complete with nanny. Apparently SJP is busy filming 'Sex in the City 2'.

I have to wonder why you would bother going to all the hassle of getting a surrogate to have your babies if you don't want to hang out with them? I know that there are lots of complex reasons for deciding to have kids and that the movie may be really important to SJP, but I still wonder. Surely they don't need the money.

Many times I would have happily outsourced my child minding but it breaks my heart to think of missing those precious early months when my babies were tiny. You can't get back the 'tiny' months again. And looking after them means you get to know them even though it's tiring and often overwhelming.

Who knows really? Perhaps she was off to get her hair done. I wouldn't mind doing that either.


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