Children away!

Our kids were away for two nights during the school holidays (courtesy of a camp and generous in-laws).

First thing I did was sweep the kitchen floor just so I could enjoy two days without stepping on anything crunchy. It's the small things that count.

It was very restful but a bit too quiet (am I really saying that?!)

What it made me realise was:

  • My kids create a lot of mess, require a lot of feeding and make a lot of noise - so it's OK for me to feel tired at the end of each day.
  • What exactly was I doing with all that extra time before I had kids? I don't even remember anymore!


Jo said…
It must have been VERY quiet. How delightful.
Naomi said…
Time is funny like that. I remember having one child and being busy all the time. Now I have two and think back to those "quiet" and time-rich days ... and I'm sure it just continues with each child.

I hope they enjoyed camp :)

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