Mums fail again!

Last week new guidelines recommended that children under the age of 2 should not watch television for more than an hour a day As always most societal problems can be traced back to us hopeless mothers!

I have to admit publicly, that, yes, my kids do and have, watched TV. Quite a lot sometimes. Do I have to tell them to turn it off? Absolutely! Do I have to monitor what they watch? Of course! Can they read? Yes.

I thought I'd share this response to this whole TV issue from Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald with you.

"There are so many things I miss about the younger years of my family, but one thing I am delighted to have left behind is the constant criticism in the media aimed at mothers. The endless arguments about breastfeeding, circumcision, crying it out, thumb-sucking, disposable nappies, television, schooling, organicbloodyfood and so on. The minute you have a baby it seems that everyone has an opinion. Why don't they research the effect TV has on 50-year-old men? Or the effect of junk food on 30-year-old single women? Or the environmental impact of cardboard coffee cups?

That's what I found most difficult about mothering young children: no privacy. Suddenly, everything you do in your home becomes public property.

So to all the mothers of children on school holidays who are feeling guilty about putting on a Wiggles DVD so they can write an email or cook dinner or stare into space with a cup of tea: stop feeling guilty right now!!! You are doing a brilliant job; society should be thanking you. You should be provided with a free Wiggles DVD every year as a public service and you should be encouraged to take breaks from your work - just like every childless worker in society who enjoys endless coffee breaks, lunch breaks, entire evenings of healthy relaxation and quiet, fulfilling weekends."


Gina said…
Thanks. I was actually feeling quite miserable about this. I admit that the DVDs are getting a pretty solid run at the moment. I just need something to break up the 5.30am to 7pm marathon with two tiny boys!
Great to find your blog Jenny. We have a dear mutual friend :-)
Jenny Kemp said…
Nice to have you join us Gina - our mutual friend said you could cope with my sense of humour!

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