Funny story

I know I said I wouldn't be blogging for a little while but I'm breaking my own rule.

I wanted to share this funny story with you (well, it's amusing to me anyway which is probably just an indication of how desperate times are).

Last week my 5 yo went off to his first orientation visit for school.  My oldest child (a boy) and his class were helping to look after the little kids.  Part of the visit was a tour of the toilet block.  This involved a lesson by the kindy teachers about the urinals which is apparently a bit of a stumbling block for some of the kindy boys when they start school.

As my oldest child tells me the story goes, "So, now boys.  In the holidays before you start school you need to someone to take you to practice going to the toilet at a urinal.  Now can you all say 'urinal'?  Let's all say it together.  One, two, three "U R I N A L".

Of course my younger child didn't even care and told me he'd been visiting the school toilets for a while now.  However, my older child was mortified.  He said,  "I can't believe we had to say urinal all together".  Not so cool for the Year 5 boy!

Who would be a kindy teacher?!  What a job! I have enough problems managing the toileting issues of five kids, let alone 20.


Wendy said…
I still remmber when M went for his orientation at school and the teachers told us that the boys all needed to learn to use the urinal before school started. Apparently they all have a problem when they are talking to each other and cannot 'stay on task' or more accurately 'stay on target'! I thought it was hysterical - but also, like you, was very appreciative I was not a kindy teacher!!
Philippa said…
LOL - at least they weren't asked to spell it.
I'll never have to worry about that : )

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