Insights lacking ...

My apologies.  I don't have any great insights for you this week!   I have a huge assignment due for uni and I will be much more technologically skilled after I finish it (one can always hope!).

And the rest of my life is its usual crazy self.  It goes on regardless of any agendas I have of what I'd like to achieve.

Even though it is stressful, life helps put uni assignments in perspective.  I can't get caught up too much when there are (apparently) urgently required ribbons to be bought for the dance costume, parents to be picked up from airports and children who seem to keep getting hungry (what is with that?!).

So I'm taking lots of deep breathes and I will be back soon to dazzle you with some new pearls of wisdom (LOL!).


Philippa said…
We'll wait patiently for your return. Enjoy those parents being around again - that is exciting!

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