The inner thought processes of a desperate mother

I've been keeping track of what actually occupies my brain space on an average day.  Just wait to be dazzled and astounded (not)!  No particular order.

1.  Is that a nit or is it just dirt?

2.  How long has this piece of craft/artwork/piece of metal from the side of the road, been sitting here for?  Can I throw it in the recycling without consequences?

3.  When was the last time the kids had a bath?  Yesterday I think.  Oh good, they can survive today without one.

4.  That floor really needs sweeping but if I wait until later it will be even dirtier and that will make it feel more worthwhile.

5.  (operating on the same principle).  Those clothes need folding but if I wait until the washing on the line for today is dry then it will be more efficient to do it all at once.

6.  I think that nappy should last a bit longer without exploding.

7.  Do I really have to cook AGAIN?

8.  Didn't I just pick that up off the floor and put it away?

9.  Oh no, the craft is out ...

10.  Isn't it bedtime yet?


Philippa said…
You can read my mind.
Very amusing!
Margaret said…
How the hell are you reading my mind?
Sandra said…
bathing dries their skin out. They don't smell till at least year 5.
JMS said…
I would add to the list "when was the last time I washed the kids hair?".

As for the final statement/question regarding bed time, I have to admit that I have asked myself this even as early as 7am, when everyone has been awake since 6am!
Nicole said…
I can relate to this all too well!

BTW, I've tagged you in a recipe meme at my blog... hope this doesn't add stress!!!
Toni said…
Hi Jenny,

I can add to your list, which happen to all be rhetorical questions:

11. Can I get through today without saying 'no'?

12. Will I again deny the children breakfast cereal for dinner?

13. Isn't it about time we employed a cleaner?

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