We celebrated our 15 year anniversary in December.  This felt like a big milestone for us but I'm also aware that, God willing, we have many years ahead of us with more joys and challenges to share.

Looking back to when we got married, I now realise that I didn't actually know Rowan all that well!  I guess I knew enough about him so I was confident that we shared the same values.  I knew I could trust him.  I also knew he could cook better than me!

And I'm thrilled that I love him a whole stack more than I did on that day 15 years ago when we got married.

In the last 15 years we have had five children, lived in two countries, lived in eight houses, attended six churches and owned four different cars.  Not exactly a period of stability!   But a stage of great joy and adventure.

And I'm a lot greyer and he's a lot balder, but we fight less, so (as they say) 'it's all good mate'!


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