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Favourite TV show of the summer?  Well, not on the actual TV.  I've given up on that a bit despite all the extra free channels we now get with digital TV.

Veronica Mars - Season 1 (2004).  The show isn't new.  It aired on Australian TV at all sorts of odd times and kept moving around so I never really got into it.  Sadly, only three seasons have been made.

But what's it about?  Veronica is a 17yo, with a part-time job working for her dad in his detective agency.  But she also uses her spare time to work out who really killed her BFF Lily and why her mum ran away leaving her alone with her dad.  She's also called upon by her fellow school students to help solve their mysteries.  By the end of the season, you do find out who killed her friend but it is quite complicated, so I won't give you any spoilers!

I like Veronica because she's everything I wasn't at high school!  Cool, sophisticated, articulate, independent.  And I haven't just enjoyed this show because I'm trying to relive my teenage years.  I did find it easy to watch and actually entertaining.

I feel nervous recommending TV shows.  Everyone has different taste.  But you might like it.


Wendy said…
We just discovered this show this last few months as well, Jenny. And I like it for the same reasons as you. We are now 1/2 way into Season 2, and I'm sad to say it may be losing it's sparkle though!

However, we really liked Season 1.
Wendy said…
I revoke some of the previoius comments Jenny - we have quite enjoyed the last few discs of Season 2. Finished it in a marathon over the last few days! I can't say it's realistic, but I liked watching it! And it's a very different spin on high school compared to my private girls' school Australian education...

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