Refining personal habits

Having been at home for almost two weeks now in holiday mode, I've realised that holidays are actually a bit of catch-up time for us.  Catch-up on doing jobs that we find too hard to deal with in the midst of a school term.  And it's not household tasks.

This summer the common theme seems to be refining personal habits!  Sounds quite glamourous and sophisticated.  In reality this is not the case.

This past week we've been refining our 3yo and her toilet training. We've also decided to bite the bullet and toilet train the 5yo at night.  We've also been working hard to get our 3yo to eat a decent breakfast (that is a battleground) before she starts preschool next week.  I've also been trying to get the kids to make their beds each morning.

And we're going quite well.  Better than anticipated.  Although the expectations were low.  Toilet-training is not an area our family excels in!


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