The Good Wife

I've been enjoying the new TV show 'The Good Wife' on Sunday nights.  I started watching it because I was curious about the premise of the show (and I always like Julianna Margulies in her E.R. days).  Alecia Florrick stands by her husband, the district attorney, as his infidelities are made public and he is subsequently gaoled for his crimes (sexual favours, bribes etc).  How does a wife cope with this level of public exposure and embarrassment?

Since he ends up in gaol, Alecia sells the family home in the suburbs, moves to a city apartment, moves her two teenage kids and goes back to work to support her family.  After thirteen years of staying at home to look after the children she reenters the workforce as a lawyer.  Conveniently she is no bozo, having graduated top in her class at Georgetown and is offered a job by an old classmate, who is partner in a large law firm.

Of course, at the end of the day this is just another legal drama.  But running through the episodes are the ongoing issues for Alecia of adjusting to working again, juggling teenage kids, visiting her husband in gaol (and the massive tension in their relationship) and coping with the ongoing public humiliation of husband's behaviour.  But she has to work so she has no choice but to keep going.

I like the show because Alecia feels like a real person.  She stopped her career to meet the needs of her husband and family.  And once again she is putting her personal preferences and comfort aside to care for the needs of her family.  She is an impressive character and just gets on with life.

Bit of a contrast to that unbearable show 'Cougar Town'.  I wanted to like it because I was a huge 'Friends' fan - but I'm so sorry, Courtney Cox.  Does anyone actually relate to your character?  Wow - terrible stuff.  


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