Guest Book Review : 'The Billionaire's Curse'

I thought I'd share a book review that Aidan (almost 12) wrote for school last week.  He got this book for Christmas and read it on Christmas Day.  Richard Newsome is an Australian writer and this book came out in 2009.

Today I am writing about 'The Billionaire's Curse' by Richard Newsome.  The main character is Gerald, a fifteen-year-old boy, who has just inherited twenty billion pounds from his dead great Aunt Geraldine. Then there is Gerald's new friend Ruby.  She is a girl who is not scared easily and always wants to prove herself.  Ruby has an older brother Sam.  Sam is always trying to best his sister, but hates rats.

In the 'Billionaire's Curse', the world's most valuable diamond has been stolen.  And after reading a letter from his dead great aunt Gerald finds outs that his aunt was murdered and that whoever killed his great aunt wants to kill Gerald too.  

After two attempts to harm Gerald and his friends by a mysterious 'thin man', Gerald, Ruby and Sam find out that Geraldine was killed for information on a casket, which the diamond, which has just been stolen, is supposed to be with.  So Gerald starts looking for the diamond casket.  After another attempt to kill them by the 'thin man' again they find out where the diamond casket is hiding - somewhere in a town called Beaconsfield.  Gerald, Sam and Ruby hurry to Beaconsfield.

After searching around they find that the location of diamond casket will be revealed on Midsummer night, which thankfully is coming up.  On Midsummer's night Gerald finds the location of the diamond casket - a hidden Roman tomb!  When they get there they find they employer of the killer 'thin man' there - highly respected politician Sir Mason Green!  He has the key to open the diamond casket - the diamond!

Fearing for his life, Gerald helps the treacherous Sir Mason get across the trap-riddled floor.  In the centre Sir Mason Green opens the casket.  Inside - a golden rod.  Boring perhaps after taking so many risks to get it.  Until Sir Mason puts the rod on Gerald's forehead.  He faints.  Somehow Gerald manages to get home after Sir Mason Green runs off.

If I was in a situation like Gerald was (being hunted by a murderer) I would have hid by staying in different Motels and Hotels in the city staying one night only in each one.

This book is a mystery.  In the book the world's most valuable diamond has been stolen and it seems there has been a murder.  Now Gerald and his new found friends must solve the mystery.  It has lots of action and some violence but there is still humour.  I recommended this book for ages 10 to 15.


Karen said…
Great review Aidan. Thanks for the recommendation. Do you think that both boys and girls would enjoy it?

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