Guilty mums

If you want to talk to a group of people who feel guilty talk to a group of mums.  They often discuss all the things they're doing wrong that make them feel like they are failing.

If you want to witness an even more guilt-ridden group of women talk to CHRISTIAN mums.  I am one of these.  There is a lot  heaps of guilt flying around that group.

Which intrigues me.  Aren't Christians supposed to be freed of guilt because Jesus died on the cross for them and so dealt with their sin?  There just shouldn't be so much guilt.  Surely there should be freedom and trust and rest in God's assurance of salvation.

But in the last week three different people have asked me what we do with our kids and Bible reading.  Some families are very good at structured family prayers and Bible reading.  Ours, sorry folks, is not one of those.  So when people ask me (I am, after all, married to a minister) assuming I might have some pearls of wisdom to share on this topic, I am a disappointment.  And then, I feel guilty.  'Oh no', I think, 'I should be doing more'.  'My kids won't be Christian if we don't become more structured - we're going to fail as Christian parents'. (that's the measure of success after all ... isn't it?).

So, when I've been reading on different blogs about everyone's amazing ideas for celebrating Easter I just think, 'Oh, I really hope no-one asks me what we do in the lead up to Easter'.

But, actually, when I think about it I can answer the question.  It's not that fancy though.  What do we do to celebrate Easter?  We go to church on Good Friday and Easter Day.  Our kids learn so much from just being at church and hearing the Easter story explained.  We do talk about it over the weekend because they aren't always thrilled at the prospect of two lots of church in one weekend!

I'm not knocking those who are gifted and have the energy for being creative.  But I've decided this year that I'm not going to feel guilty.  I'm just going to do the best I can.  And ultimately trust that God can work in my kids despite my weakness.


Kath said…
Thanks Jenny.
Comparisons are such a good way to encourage guilt! May God help us to be the mum's that our children need us to be rather than the mum's we wish we could be so that people would admire us. God bless you and your family this Easter.
Jo said…
Thanks from me too!
simone godde said…
can't underestimate talking, real dialogue not monologue!

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