Thursday, March 4, 2010

I used to be so TOGETHER - what happened?!!

I used to be able to keep on top of everything.  Well - no longer!

Take yesterday morning for example.  Another instance of top parenting by Jenny.

I am woken at 7.20 am by the sound of my front door opening.  I suddenly realise in that instant that the older kids are supposed to be leaving for their 7.30 band at school.  And I was supposed to be getting them up to do this because Rowan had already left at 6.30 am.  Well, I stumble out of bed to the sight of my daughter walking out the door saying, 'I have to go, bye and I left you a note'.  I turn around to see my son stumbling out of bed with the same realisation as me - he is supposed to be at band NOW!  By some miracle he managed to get dressed, packed and shoved a piece of toast down while I quickly drove him to school to arrive at 7.31 am. Impressive!

Note to self:  make sure alarm is set.

Note to husband:  don't turn the alarm off

Note to daughter:  you are amazingly independent and seem to survive despite your mother!

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Motherhugger said...

The first practice this term I found out about choir at 7.50 - it starts at 8, but we managed to get there. So, why is this child the last out the door every day she need to be there at 9??