Date Night

Rowan and I went on a date on Friday night and saw (appropriately) the movie, "Date Night".  

It was a little scary because it was like looking in the mirror at ourselves.  The movie is about a couple who go on a date every week but go to the same restaurant, same routine and it's all a bit the same.  They look at each other and say, "Do you really want to go?  Are you too tired?  Maybe we're too tired.  Maybe we should just stay home". That's how we feel every time we plan to go out.  By the end of a busy week we're stuffed. 

But they are shaken up by their best friend's marriage falling apart and decide to change their normal same-old routine.  And the aftermath is certainly not 'same-old'!

It's funny, pretty silly (and as a bonus, not too long - so you get home early ...!) and easy to watch.  Tina Fey and Steve Carrell as the couple are great and believable.  And at the heart of it is a high value of marriage.  It values serving one another, trying new things to keep marriage interesting and thinking about the needs of the other person.  

We enjoyed it.  Perhaps we just liked it because it reflected our own experience of marriage and family life in the stage we're at now.  And we were pretty tired.  But we laughed!


Wendy said…
Thanks for the review Jenny, we went and saw it last night and really enjoyed it - lots of fun & I liked the pro-marriage and family feel too.

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