A tea addict's update

I never thought that a public airing of my weakness for a good cuppa would generate such discussion!

So here's the update.

I've decided on a compromise.  Going cold turkey and then finding no reasonable alternative was too much.  So I'm having a couple of nice cups of tea a day and enjoying them a lot more.  Maybe I had fried my tastebuds by drinking so much that I couldn't even taste it anymore. I'm also going to be diligent about not drinking proper tea at night.

But I have to write a very tedious essay this week on library management (as if little old me, mother of 5, aging rapidly, will ever be managing a library - it is quite amusing really).  So that will be the real test.  Can I manage to get through a week of battling through an uninteresting assignment and not get hooked again?

Of course you do realise that the real test comes when you're faced with the pressures of life.  (I've heard the Biggest Loser rhetoric).  Maybe I need to go to Camp Tea Withdrawal.  LOL!


Meredith said…
Forget the big test. Just enjoy living under grace and let your tea drinking ebb and flow with your needs. :-)

I am especially enjoying some very nice french earl grey tea leaves at the moment that were a wonderful birthday gift. A very elegant tea indeed.
Motherhugger said…
I'm reminded of the pilot in Flying High: "I've picked the wrong day to give up sniffing glue.."

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