Thoughts of the day

I have nothing much that is profound to share today.  But here's some thoughts that have been in my head today.

1.  Crimes mothers commit:
 Me:  "Please can you brush your teeth before you go to school?"
 Child:  "You just make my life so difficult don't you?  You're making me late ...."

 Me:  "Can you get dressed so that you aren't naked for school?
 Child:  "Oh, I'm just sooo tired - don't you understand?"

2.  I live in a community - my stress levels are down today due to the kindness of other mothers who have helped me with baby sitting and taking my kids to sports training.  I never take this generosity for granted.

3.  Apparently there is a "critical shortage of librarians"  (or that's what I heard on the radio at 5.55 am this morning on my way to the gym).  I gave a loud 'hurrah' but I also suspect the shortage isn't in Sydney.  Canberra is the happening place for librarians.

4.  I'm getting reading glasses this week.  The optometrist kindly shared with me that "this is what happens when you get older".  So I'm officially 'old' everyone.  All downhill from here apparently (well, with my eyes anyway).  At least my husband won't have to hear me complaining "don't you think the font on this website is ridiculously small?" over and over.

5.  Thinking about my son starting high school next year is a stress - I'm now trying to not think about it.

6. My three yo is permanently annoying.  I think this is because she refuses to wear winter pj's and she is waking up cold in the middle of the night.  She also refuses to wear trousers and only  wants shorts.  Ahhh - toddlers.  So rational, so easy to manage (not).

7.  I am learning the Dewey Decimal Classification system.  I find it totally relaxing.  I think this is weird.  I have discovered a new side to my personality.  But perhaps this is what the chaos of my life has turned me into.  A woman who finds a highly structured, predictable system of organisation soothing.

8.  I have run out of gift ideas.  My no 3 child turns 8 tomorrow.  I found myself wandering the aisles of Target this morning searching for a present for her.  She wants for nothing.  I need to start being more creative on the present front.  Less STUFF and more time.  I'm sure she would like time with me as a gift.

9.  Tomorrow I'm spending 1 1/2 hours at the orthodontist.  More on that later.

10. I'm thankful for all the richness of my life.  It's good to feel thankful and not disgruntled.


Rhonda Mackay said…
Really enjoyed this post (I've enjoyed the others too, I've just not commented before!) Sometimes just the normal everyday stuff IS the profound stuff. Thanks for sharing. All the best for the orthodontist (or have you already been today?) Either way, I hope it is not too painful.
Rhonda x
Sarah Condie said…
Jenny, I love the random thoughts of your life - that you were able to order them into something readable and logical says heaps about your skills. What a blessing that your number 3 wants nothing. I love it. I remember giving my niece as a gift an outing of her choice as a birthday gift - we both really enjoyed it - time together - just the two of us.

Mother's who commit such crimes are sensible mothers and need to join together. xoxo
Jenny said…
HI Rhonda - nice to hear from you!

And my No 3 child was happy because I gave her a watch. A little one from Kmart.
Motherhugger said…
I gave my child a watch for her birthday when she recently turned ten. A cheap one from K-Mart, but her first. A few days later she threw it at her sister. Watch removed.
Jennie Lawson said…
Love your random thoughts Jenny. I hope your reading glasses are as liberating for you as mine have been for me. I didn't realise until I got them how poor my vision was. I can read the paper, books and even labels at the shops.

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