I didn't think I was particularly vain.  I had braces put on my top teeth yesterday and had two baby teeth removed.  Thankfully I have a beautiful top lip that covers it all so you wouldn't notice unless I showed you.  The bottom teeth will gets braces later on.

However, leading up to it I have been feeling vulnerable about how I would look.  I also had to get glasses this week (only for reading thankfully).  Suddenly my face is not my own anymore!  Well, it's still mine.  Just a new version of it.

Having teeth extracted was OK but I've been feeling exhausted and a bit sick since yesterday.  The braces do feel strange.  And my poor teeth are very sensitive.  I can't bite anything hard and it's looking like scrambled eggs for dinner.

Strange experience.  I wouldn't go through this for purely cosmetic reasons (it's expensive and my teeth weren't that crooked) but I had to do something about two baby teeth that were about to fall out.  With no adult teeth behind them.  So now my mouth is being rearranged!


Kate P said…
Complete empathy. I had braces at 16 for 2 years, all I remember eating was yoghurt, custard and jars of baby food for the first two weeks. It was not a fun experience at all, but I do have a nice result.

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