Books for 12 yo (plus) boys

Just thought I'd share a few books that Aidan (12 in two days time!) has been enjoying.

This series started about 10 years ago but books are still coming out in the series.  The series is about a teenage spy called Alex Rider who works for a British intelligence agency.  By Anthony Horowitz.  Aidan has really enjoyed them, I've read one and quite liked it.

The other series Aidan is very excited about is a new series called "The Phoenix Files" by Sydney writer Chris Morphew.  I'm always keen to encourage local writers so I'm happy that Aidan is into this series.  There are two books already out in the series ('Arrival' and 'Contact') and a new one due out in August called 'Mutation'.  Chris Morphew is a Christian but these are not Christian books.  They are science fiction books set against the backdrop of 100 days until the world ends.

Chris Morphew also says that he loved the 'Animorphs' series when he was younger and Aidan has already read all of that series this year (well, all that was available in the school library).

The other books that are much loved by Aidan are all the books in the 'Horrible Histories/Geography/Science'.  He also likes the 'Dead Famous' series.

'The Ranger's Apprentice' series by Australian writer John Flanagan has also been a favourite of Aidan's over the past year.  I think that number 9 in the series is coming out in November, so no pressure Mr Flanagan but there are some very keen boys waiting for the next book!  They are fantasy, adventure books and John Flanagan originally wrote them for his 12yo son to encourage him to read.


Caroline said…
Hi Jenny,

my son says to let you know that it's "ranger's apprentice" number 10 coming out in November - number 9 was last November!
Jenny said…
Thanks Caroline - it all blurs into one for me!

All I know is that we were at the bookshop after school on the day the last one came out!
kwillo said…
We were too! And now Ethan is loving them too - glad when one series does a few of my kids!
Max (nearly 11) has loved the Eragon books - has Aidan read those?
Aileen said…
Jenny what would you recommend for a 6 year old boy who is a good reader?

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