Monday morning

Monday morning is a relatively quiet weekday morning in our house.

But by 10.30 am this morning I was stuffed.  Up at 6 to go to the gym, back home at 7.15am, one child to choir, two grumpy children to get fed and dressed, three to get through music practice, cross-country permission notes to sign, two loads of washing, clean up from breakfast, eat my own breakfast, find lost Epi-pen, unpack dishwasher, rediscover lost library books, brush the girls' hair, get myself dressed, ask (once again) if all teeth had been brushed (of course, no, they hadn't), walk to school (very slowly with a 3yo who kept insisting that her dress-up/clip-on earrings be put back on every time they fell off), arrive after bell (always), walk home (v. slowly, negotiating with the small terrorist),  hang out washing, drive to music shop (spend ridiculous amount of money - always) for trumpet music, drive back to playgroup and by 10.30 I'm having a cup of tea.

Phew ... and that was an easy morning!  


charissa said…
I'm very impressed with the whole gym thing, Jen. Especially at that time of the morning!
Jenny said…
I know - I must be crazy Charissa! But if I don't do exercise then it just never happens.

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