Mother's Day

I got myself into a bit of trouble on the weekend when I said that I didn't feel that Mother's Day did all that much for me.  I had no idea that Mother's Day was a big 'thing' for people.  I now know that it is.

My Mum's birthday is always near the day so we used to celebrate her birthday more and so Mother's Day was not a big deal.  Perhaps it's also not a big deal for me because I feel like my family love me and appreciate me.  Rowan helps constantly (we wouldn't survive otherwise).  I'm wondering if I have some kind of 'celebration deficiency' - I'm happy enough without lots of presents and cards.

 So lessons learnt this week:  Mother's Day is a big deal and I'm perhaps slightly mad!

And here's a poem by my 9yo for me:

My Mum

I love my mum so much,
She's the one that stands out,
Like a Gold star in the sky.
She's awesome and kind,
And absolutly pretty,
No mater what.
Even if she's busy,
And doesn't notice me,
I don't care at all:
Because she'll always be
special to me!

Lovely poem - except the bit about "Even if she's busy and doesn't notice me at all ...".  O dear!  Truths of life in a big family.


Naomi said…
For what it's worth, I feel similarly about Mother's Day (although I think it's mostly internally driven for me, not the actual happenings on the day - the fact we have a 'day' at all doesn't sit comfortably with me). I'm not entirely sure why but I feel like I *have* to enjoy it and I just feel disappointed in myself that I don't.

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