PS to Adjusting to change (badly!)

Just a postscript to yesterday's post.

When I was feeling particularly overwhelmed I found it hard to initiate conversations with people who I didn't know.  This is not usually something I struggle with so it was a bit strange for me.

I was chatting to a friend who helped me a lot with this.  She simply said "Jenny, stop worrying.  Those people will still be there when you get your energy back".

It was simple and it took the pressure off.

And as the weeks went by I just talked to a new person when I felt I could and it got easier.  I think making small aims (like:  "I'm just going to chat to someone new for a few minutes" rather than "I might invite her over for morning tea" which is what I'd normally do!) helped.

Still a work-in-progress I have to say.


Lucy said…
What great advice - and some I needed to hear at the moment too. Thanks for passing it on :)
Motherhugger said…
Jen, I talked to all the new Kindy mums in first term. Now I can't rememeber anyone's name...
Jenny said…
Thanks Lucy - glad it was helpful. Sometimes a simple insight can have a big impact.

@ Motherhugger - Oh no - I was relying on you to help me out!
Jo said…
Great advice. Thanks for sharing it.

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