School yard competition

Thanks to my dear Melbourne reader Beck who passed on this gem from The Age newspaper.  Cathy Lette on school yard competitive parenting.  Brilliant.

I have to say that when my first child started school, I always felt that I was back in high school.  A whole bunch of females forming groups.  One of the groups were known as the 'barbie' group.  Not because of their love of BBQ's but because of their love of plastic surgery, hairdressers, make-up, high heels and short skirts.  They were pretty entertaining.

One of them said to me "oh dear, it was such a busy afternoon, I didn't even have time to put on my make-up before school pick-up".  Here's me holding baby no 4, with two grumpy toddlers in tow... um ... let me see ... what could I say?  Perhaps, "Well, I'm lucky to be dressed" or "at least I remembered to take my slippers off" or "I remembered deodorant today".

Once at the gym, I waved at this girl and she literally looked through me.  Putting a positive spin on it - maybe she needed glasses.


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