Weekend musings

Rowan and I are Jack Johnson fans.  I think he's described as writing 'soft rock' which sounds kind of pathetic.  But he does have nice, guitar-strumming, I live by the beach type music.  I remember listening to it with Rowan on a two-day, child-free holiday to the Hunter Valley in 2005 (a distant memory - the last time we went away on our own).

We both read an article yesterday in Saturday's Good Weekend magazine about Jack Johnson.  I was envious of the ease of his life.  Living in a beach shack, beautiful wife, three kids, writing a love song every now and then, making stacks of money.  Rowan said 'he's just so laid back'.  What a life!

I thought we could do that.  I'd happily leave the craziness of inner city Sydney life behind.  When we lived in the city, near the uni,  people would say 'how great - you can go out for coffee all the time'.  I think we went out about twice in two years - taking five small children to a cafe is just a teeny, weeny bit stressful.

We could move to a coastal town, live near the beach.  I don't want a big house (all that cleaning).  Get jobs that paid the bills.

But then I realised, we aren't living that life.  We aren't living that life because our life is not just about us.  It's not about what we'd prefer to do.  Many years ago we made a choice to serve God with our life and trust him to take us to the people that he wanted us to serve.  I thought that might be somewhere exotic but as its worked out it has been at Sydney Uni.  Where Rowan and I met.  Not exotic, but important.

So I'll just look forward to that beach shack sometime in the future ...


Rodney Olsen said…
I sometimes find it easy to look at the lives of others and wonder why I don't have a life like that, but then I look at what I do have and realise that I'm right where God wants me at the moment.

It's a lot easier giving up the 'good life' when we remember that we serve a God who has a 'better life' in mind for us.
Karen said…
Heaven's going to be a whole lot better than any beach shack! :)
Pip said…
beach shack = septic tank, tank water, temperamental tank pump, dodgy tv reception and is usually miles from decent take-away...shall I go on?

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