Weekend away with the girls

OK - I do feel a little bit mean writing this post since it's about my child-free weekend in Melbourne.  I feel a bit mean because I'm aware that so many of you have small children and never even go to the toilet on your own let alone a weekend away.

However, in the spirit of sharing my life with you, I don't want you to miss out on the fun stuff (even if it is only vicariously).  Perhaps it will give you hope for the future.

I flew to Melbourne, stayed in an apartment in the city for three nights with a group of women that I was in a book group with for many years.  Quite a few of our number don't live in Sydney so it was a reunion in lots of ways.

We walked and walked and talked and talked!  I like walking especially if there are lots of interesting, new things to look at (and it does not involve whining children).  My favourite was our outing to the State Library of Victoria.  I wouldn't have even known about this library except that Rowan downloaded this picture onto my screen saver and I have been staring at it for months.  It was lovely to see it for myself.  Next stop the British Library? ... one can dream.

We also ate a lot - at strange times.  Dinner at 9, lunch at 3, breakfast at 9.  Bizarre to have time so fluid.  My life is crazily full and structured normally.

And once again my introvertedness (is that even a word?!) showed itself to me.  Three days with other adults was full on for me.  These are dear friends who I have a lot in common with and learn so much from so it shouldn't have tired me.  Where has that conference junkie disappeared to?  Strange ...

I did the spend the weekend in awe of the amazing capacity of these women to serve their families, their churches, their workplaces.  Inspiring.


Rodney Olsen said…
Sounds like a wonderful time.

I can really identify with your post. Being very much an introvert myself I love those times when I can retreat a little.

I adore my family and love spending time with them above almost anything else in this world, but I still need some alone time to be the best me I can be.
Matthew Moffitt said…
The Victorian State Library looks amazing!
Gina said…
Oh, don't feel mean. That sounds fabulous. I'm taking my first kid- free weekend away with a friend next month, and just the thought of it is getting me through some dreary times with more enthusiasm. Great to hear of some deep, longlasting friendships being nourished too.
Sarah Condie said…
Jenny, was thinking of you over the weekend and I am so glad that it was such fun. The SLV looks positively inviting! I do hope that you manage to get to see the 100 exhibition at the SLNSW - only about 10 days to go though!
Sarah said…
I visited SLV two years ago, it was amazing. Do they still have that huge painting of Warney there?
Jenny said…
I didn't see the picture of Warney - but I wasn't looking for it. Next time maybe?!

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