Holiday activities

Winter beach side holidays require some creativity from the parents.  So here's my 'big' effort for this year!  I bought this book from the school book club and went shopping for some supplies to accompany it.

I like this book because for most of the craft ideas you only need paper, textas, glue and scissors.  However, I'm going all out and buying some felt, tissue paper and might (if I'm feeling brave) take a few paints.  Looking forward to it.

My sister-in-law gave all the kids an Usbourne activity book for Christmas last year and they are fantastic.  Totally 'doable'.  And for me to say that they must be easy.  I am a lazy craft mother.  They usually work it out for themselves.  Often by fighting over what is in the recycling bin - oh dear!


Kath said…
We love recycling bin craft at our house, too! Perhaps there's a book in it? 'Effortless craft from the big green bin...'
Pip said…
They are a particular favourite of mine...but I think you already know that. Glad you enjoyed them and hope they have served you well on your holidays.
Sarah said…
With extra hurricane induced inside time my girls have set up shops in the basement. They have spent the last 4 days making various food items (and cooking accessories) out of paper and stuff from the recycling. It's amazing what you can do with paper, scissors and sticky tape and a bucket load of imagination (their's - not mine!).

Yesterday a friend was here for me to help her with Sunday School for 5 year olds, and I took her downstairs to show her. She'd never seem anything like it!

I hope you have a great holiday, and happy independent children contentedly occupied with creating!

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