Least liked book from my holidays

Colm Toibin's book 'Brooklyn' is apparently much loved and has got great reviews.  I wasn't that enthralled by it.

I liked it for about 3/4's of the way through it and then the ending was terribly disappointing.  Just wimpy.

Set in 1950's Ireland, it tells the story of a young girl Eilis, who moves to Brooklyn for a job.  It's the story of her adjustment to a new life in Brooklyn and how she copes with the separation from her mother and sister.  It's an understated story - nothing too dramatic.  Just meanders along - pleasant enough.  But the main character's inability to stand up to anyone and her compliance with whatever situations come her way (whether she likes them or not) gets quite irritating by the end.

Sadly, my least favourite book of the holidays.


Motherhugger said…
The best thing about the book may have been hearing the author's beautiful, mesmerising voice when he was interviewed about it.
Jenny said…
Maybe the audio book would be better, only if he read it himself! I do agree with you about that mesmerising voice of his.

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