The real pressure test

Our family have totally got hooked on the TV show 'Masterchef'.  In the show they have a variety of different competitions to test the skills of the contestants.

One of the tests is a 'pressure test' where the contestants have to cook a dish in a short amount of time.  The problem with this pressure test is that I don't think it's much of a pressure test.  It looks pretty good to me.

Here's why it isn't a real pressure test:

1. They can do it without a child crying.
2. They can do it without holding a baby at the same time.
3. They don't get interrupted to wipe a child's bottom.
4. They don't have to restart the crashed computer (where the homework due tomorrow is being worked on).
5. They don't have to spell 'meteorological' in the middle of it.
6. They don't have to cut out a tiny (very precious) shape with scissors that don't work properly.
7. They don't have to break up multiple sibling fights.
8. They don't have to keep reminding the child who supposed to be practicing the piano to 'actually play the piano'.
9.  They don't have to negotiate with the child who is supposed to be setting the table.
10. They don't have to go and pick up a child from band practice in the middle of cooking the meal.
11.  They can cook a recipe with all the ingredients.  They don't have to make do when three key ingredients aren't in the house.
12. When they burn something they can go back to the pantry and get more rather than contemplating returning the shops (yet again) for the missing ingredient.
13.  They don't have to answer the phone.
14.  They don't have unexpected visitors at the door.
15.  They don't have to bring the washing in during the process.
16.  They don't have to discipline a toddler who keeps whingeing for lollies
17.  They don't have to clean up afterwards.
18.  The judges don't burst into tears upon seeing the food and don't proceed to then sob between mouthfuls as they eat.

In comparison what they do on TV looks quite pleasant.  Also explains why I'm not cooking what they make on TV!


Megan said…
Jenny, you have again put forward a compelling argument for a reality TV show set in your house where there can be a real pressure test and invention test just in one meal time. Well spotted and keep being in it whole heartedly as a mother, wife and an inspiration for your perseverance. I'd vote for you any day!
Rodney Olsen said…
Such a wonderful post.

We can get so hooked by reality television and lose sight of the fact that what happens on the screen isn't nearly as important as the everyday stuff that's happening in our own homes.
Anna M Blanch said…
i hear you! i don't even have the kids interrupting and i still feel something similar. almost every night is Suprise chef in my kitchen!
Jo said…
Love it!!!
I have been saying for years that I am going to write a "One-handed Cookbook", full of meals you can cook with a baby on your hip.

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