10 years ago it was sleeping strategies, now it's schooling

Wow - if you want a topic to get everyone talking in blogland then go with schooling!

Ten years my peers and I would endlessly discuss which sleep strategies we agreed with.  Or how often to breastfeed our babies.  Or if we were for/against home birth/natural birth/epidurals/c-sections.  Or what was our preferred time-out strategy for toddlers.

And now I feel I've moved into the great schooling debate.  I'm sure it's a stage of life thing.

What I learnt from my earlier discussions ten years ago, was that (a) there wasn't really a wrong or right method and (b) thinking and discussing with others helped me form my own opinions about what did or didn't work for me and my family.

I suspect it might be the same with schooling.  We all have strong opinions but at the end of the day there isn't a right or wrong on this one. I think it's good to have robust discussion and exchange of ideas so we can work out what we think for ourselves but also get an insight into other's ideas about it.

So thanks for all your contributions, keep being kind to one another and let's keep thinking ...

PS  Might leave my "How we chose a high school:  the saga of 2010" post for another time!  Let's recover from the homeschooling post first!


Jo said…
Jen I'm interested in the saga, do tell! We have just gone through the same thing ourselves, our eldest heads off to HS next year.
Jenny said…
Good things come to those who wait Jo!

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