A great night out

Last night I had the great privilege of seeing my two older kids play at the Sydney Opera House.  Aidan plays the trumpet, Neave the clarinet and their school band was selected to play a piece at the NSW Department of Education's Primary Choral Festival.  A huge choir (700 kids) performed most of the items but other bands and soloists performed between the choir's items.

Aidan is at the front left (slumping in his seat).
Neave is on the right in the  second row.
Hope you have good eyesight!
Our school is an average size school for Sydney.  But we have an amazing band program which is entirely parent run and funded.  We get lots of support from the teaching staff.  Our school librarian went with the children to the rehearsal in the morning and was back there again from 5.30pm to supervise the kids for the evening.  I spotted our school principal in the audience with her husband.

It was a brilliant concert.  Kids singing and performing together pushes all my buttons (in a good way!). I know that every school does not have such great opportunities for music but I would love to see the state government continue to invest time and money into making music a priority in every public school.

The hot chocolate at the Guylian chocolate shop before the performance with some other mums was also pretty civilised!


Rodney Olsen said…
What an amazing opportunity for your children .... and for you.

As a parent it's so wonderful to see our kids doing well in whatever they choose to do.
Justin said…
Visit us next time you are in the City. :)
Anonymous said…
yet another thing that it would be harder to be part of if children were home schooled. I am being cheeky. Cheryl

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