Success at the dinner table

So after all my complaining about the sad state of affairs at the dinner table in my house I had a moment of inspiration yesterday.
What it was supposed to look like!
Last night for dinner I made laksa.  Never made it before, but bought a packet from Coles and all the ingredients.  I thought, "well, Rowan and I will enjoy it even if no-one else will".  However, it was a grand success.  I just made the soup and put all the ingredients on the table separately.  Chicken, bean sprouts, noodles, coriander, red capsicum.  Everyone made their own version of the meal with the ingredients and the three older kids even enjoyed the laksa.

Attempting to swirl pasta like Donna Hay on Masterchef!

It was a fun and happy meal.  Win for me!


Motherhugger said…
Jen, I find any meal they construct themselves at the table is a winner. Rice paper rolls, wraps, tacos. Messy, healthy and happy.
Sarah said…
Well done, Jenny! Looks really delicious and is making me hungry.

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